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UK: Muslims attack Hindus with stones and bottles, beat drivers with Hindu symbols in cars



Hindus are “living in fear,” and meanwhile, Muslims are playing the victim, with eager cooperation from the establishment media.

“Leicester violence by Islamists against Hindus: How religious symbols were used to identify and target Hindus by Muslim mobs,” by Nupur J. Sharma, OpIndia, September 19, 2022:

After hundreds of people crowded the streets in the city’s eastern section, violence erupted on Friday night in Leicester, United Kingdom. This comes after a spate of targeted attacks on Hindus followed the Asia Cup India-Pakistan cricket match on August 28, when armed Islamists attacked Hindus and their residences in the vicinity.

On Friday, hundreds of Hindus had taken to the streets of Leicester to protest against the earlier violence by Muslims against Hindus in the area. During the protest by Hindus, the Muslim mob started indiscriminately attacking Hindus with stones and glass bottles. The protest by Hindus was disrupted by Islamists as they hurled glass bottles at the protestors. A Saffron flag was also desecrated by a mob of Islamists in front of the police.

The violence on the 17th of September erupted after a spate of violence that had gripped the city over a span of 3-4 days, starting from the 4th of September, where Muslim mobs had gone on a rampage identifying Hindus and unleashing violence against them. During the rampant violence by Islamists in the city earlier in September and on the 17th, several Hindus were specifically targeted after being identified by the display of Hindu symbols.

Speaking to OpIndia, Insight UK, a Hindu organisation bringing the issues of the Leicester community to the forefront through advocacy, said that during the 6th September violence, several Hindu houses were attacked after the Islamists identified these houses through the display of religious symbols. 6th September was the third consecutive night of attacks against the Leicester Hindu community, Insight UK told us. During this, hundreds of Muslims had taken to the streets and were attacking Hindu homes after identifying them with the display of the Om symbol, saffron flags, picture of Lord Ganesh etc.

“Hindus of the area are living in fear. All easily identifiable symbols like Om, Shubh Labh, and pictures of Gods & Goddesses are being removed from the doors. Fear of being selectively targeted for their faith by Islamists has forced them to erase all markers of their Hindu identity”, Insight UK had tweeted at the time.

A similar pattern was observed during the recent 17th September attacks as well. During the violence unleashed by Islamists against the Hindus, who were peacefully protesting against the earlier violence in September,

During the violence, a white car was attacked by the Islamists, a video of which was widely shared on social media.

In the video, a Muslim mob surrounds a white car driven by a Hindu. Initially, the mob starts beating down on the car, trying to open the driver’s seat door. After they managed to open the door, they drag the Hindu driver out and beat him mercilessly.

There were several Islamic accounts on Twitter that celebrated the attack on the Hindu driver. One of the accounts that garnered considerable attention was that of @Itachixuchiiha.

Posting a video of the Hindu driver, soaked in blood after being attacked by Islamists, the handle tweeted a celebratory tweet with laughing emojis. In the video, the police officer was seen talking to the injured and battered Hindu while asking others video graphing him to back off….


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