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UK and India sign visa deal ‘at a time when immigration into Britain is already at a record high’



Rates of immigration into Britain have been outrageously high, prompting Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s promise to limit the flow, which was in specific reference to the illegal Muslim migrants who have been entering by the tens of thousands via the English Channel. The new agreement between the UK and India is a very different matter. This agreement with India is part of a larger picture. Sunak also agreed to a trade deal with India.

Nevertheless, the article below implies that the two situations are comparable. Home Secretary Suella Braverman recently caused outrage among globalists for rightly calling the crisis an “invasion.” The new agreement between the UK and India is indeed likely to cause further frustration among Britons for this very reason. In any case, Sunak warrants criticism for refusing to deal with his country’s illegal border crisis. British citizens have been taxed to the limit with the steady flow of illegal migrants. Immigration should invariably be based on a system that benefits both the migrant and the host country.

Interestingly, Sunak didn’t discuss any prospective trade deal with the US when he met with Joe Biden. No one who has been paying attention even wonders why, since it has become a pattern that the US be left behind as new global alliances are being formed. Under Donald Trump, India was a strong ally of the US. Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also vowed a relentless fight against Islamic terrorism.

Globalists routinely argue that open-door immigration fills the gap created by low birth rates. But unvetted illegal migration which allows jihadists and the worst criminals to infiltrate host countries is no solution. Instead, it is a risk to national security and costly to taxpayers. Immigration policy should always be based on a properly vetted system of mutuality between the immigrant and host society. This is an elementary principle that should be obvious.

Britain’s leadership has proved itself utterly irresponsible and has refused to take any serious action to stop tens of thousands of illegal Muslim migrants from flowing into Britain each year from North Africa and the Middle East. Instead, Britain has handed over hundreds of millions to France to help stem the flow. But France has done nothing. It has, in fact, facilitated the migrants’ entry into Britain, in a collusion scandal that should be on front pages everywhere.

“More Migrants! UK and India Agree Visa Deal Amid Record Immigration,” by Peter Caddle, Breitbart, November 16, 2022:

At a time when immigration into Britain is already at a record high, the UK government has agreed a visa deal with India that will allow more migrants into the country.

The UK and Indian governments have reportedly agreed a new visa deal which will allow even more migrants to come and work in Britain, reports on Wednesday have claimed.

With the number of migrants entering the country already at a record high, the agreement raises doubts about Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s promise to reduce immigrant arrivals.

According to a report by The Times, the visa deal was finalised by Sunak and Indian PM Narendra Modi at the G20 Summit in Indonesia, with both leaders reportedly billing the agreement as more of a cultural exchange than as a method to allow citizens of each nation to permanently resettle in the other’s country.

Under the arrangement, up to 3,000 visas will be awarded to degree holders in India that will allow them to work in Britain for two years, with a similar number of visas being made available to UK graduates who wish to go to India.

“I know first-hand the incredible value of the deep cultural and historic ties we have with India,” Sunak remarked, praising the deal.

The Prime Minister — whose family originates from the Indian Punjab province — went on to say that the agreement would make the two countries’ “economies and societies richer” by allowing “India’s brightest young people” to come to Britain and “vice versa”.

With the UK issuing a record 1.1 million visas for migrants to come to Britain last year, the UK-India agreement comes as immigration is already at a record high, with immigration from non-EU countries spiking after Brexit.

Some have voiced concern at the number of Indian migrants coming to Britain, with Sunak’s own Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, even saying that she has “reservations” over future trade deals shaping further arrivals.

Others have claimed that the recent influx of Indian nationals was a contributing factor to the recent sectarian riots that have taken place in various UK cities, including Leicester, which saw gangs of Muslim and Hindu men compete for supremacy on English streets.

“…the riots in Leicester and Birmingham were said by both the Hindu and Muslim communities to be caused by people who had recently come from the subcontinent,” Brexit leader Nigel Farage remarked regarding the recent influx, with the former politician and pundit echoing claims by many Muslims that the riots were the fault of foreign Hindu “freshies” associated with Indian nationalist groups.

It is unclear exactly how much merit such allegations have, with one recent report into the matter claiming that many Hindus who were said to be associated with such militant groups in fact had no known links to any nationalist organisations…..