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Segun Adewale Biography; Net worth, Age, State, Photos, Top Songs



Segun Adewale is a legendary Yoruba singer. He is one of the pioneering artistes to have started the Yo-pop genre of music in Nigeria. Today we explore more about him.

Segun Adewale Biography

Omoba Segun Adewale is a Yoruba musician popularly known for pioneering Yo-pop. He is 65 years old and was born in Osogbo in 1955 but his actual date of birth is not known. He was born to a Nigerian royal family hence the name Omoba meaning child of a monarch. His father taught him how to play the guitar as he was growing up and this helped in the shaping of his music easier. Omoba was groomed by his family to become a lawyer or doctor because they were of the royal family and so saw those jobs as befitting to their status in society. He left home after his family did not support his music career to start making his own music in Lagos. He was trained by I.K. Dairo in music composition and arrangement.

Segun Adewale Top Songs

After parting ways with Shina Peters, Adewale went on to pursue an international career and wrote some of the best songs in his life. Most popular among them are I Love You (1987), Yo-Pop 85 (1985), Cash and Carry (1990), Yo-Pop and Sisi Nurse (1992), Ojo Je (1985), Omnipotent (1989), Atewo Lara ( 1984), Play for Me (1984) and finally Here I Am in America (1997).

Segun Adewale Marital Status

Omoba Adewale has never been married or known to be in a serious relationship throughout his life. Perhaps, we can say that he is married to his music which is his one true love and passion.

Segun Adewale Net worth

Segun’s net worth is estimated to be $1-5 million as of 2020 according to His income is mainly generated from sales made from his music and his performances across the world. Aside, the music he is not known to be involved in any other business.