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Rushdie stabber had been in touch with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps



Did the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps send him to kill Rushdie? The possibility cannot be ruled out. And if he was coming from outside the country, it would have been easy for him to get into the United States, for our first priority regarding immigration and entry into the country is not to appear racist.

“Iran’s IRGC had contact with man charged with stabbing Rushdie – report,” by Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post, August 15, 2022:

The suspect arrested for stabbing prominent author Salman Rushdie, Hadi Matar, had been in contact with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC),  a US-designated terrorist organization, prior to the nearly lethal assault on the writer, news organization VICE reported on Sunday.

VICE wrote that a Middle Eastern intelligence official said it was “clear” prior to the stabbing that Matar had been in contact with “people either directly involved with or adjacent to the Quds Force,” the IRGC’s external militia. The US has also classified the Quds Force as a foreign terrorist entity.

“It’s unclear the extent of the involvement – if this was a directly supported assassination attempt or if it was a series of suggestions and directions in picking a target,” the official added.

The official would not speak on the record for diplomatic reasons, the news organization said. VICE attributed its sourcing to European and Middle Eastern intelligence officials who said the 24-year-old Matar had been in direct contact with members of the IRGC on social media….

Matar’s family is from the Hezbollah stronghold town of Yaroun in South Lebanon. Hezbollah is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s main strategic partner in the Middle East.

VICE quoted a mid-level Hezbollah commander from a village near Yaroun who said that “most of the families in Yaroun support the resistance, there is no question of this relationship, but this boy has nothing to do with Hezbollah; we don’t know him and do not want to be drawn into international intrigues involving people we don’t know.”…