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Qatari FIFA World Cup officials threaten to destroy Danish reporter’s camera while he is live on TV



Qatar keeps on proving, almost daily, why it should never have been approved to host the FIFA World Cup games. The Sharia-compliant Islamic nation is proving to be unwelcoming to the world’s infidels and unfit for the job. Read more about Qatar as FIFA World Cup host HERE.

Now comes the news that Qatari officials threatened to smash Danish TV reporter Rasmus Tantholdt’s camera while he was reporting live on the World Cup. Tantholdt chided: “You have invited the whole world here. Why can’t we film? It is a public place.” But this is not how Islamic supremacist Qatari officials view the matter. Qatar’s own Ambassador to the FIFA World Cup stated that homosexuality is “damage in the mind,” and that “they have to accept our rules here”; Qatar’s Ambassador to the UN, Hend Al-Muftah, called Jews “our enemies” and called down “curse of Allah on homosexuals.”

“World Cup: Qatari officials threaten to destroy reporter’s camera while he is LIVE on TV,” by Nathan Salt, MailOnline, November 2022:

The Qatar Supreme Committee has rushed to issue an apology to Danish broadcaster TV2 after one of their journalists was threatened by security staff while live on air.

Reporting from Qatar days before the opening match of the FIFA World Cup, TV2 reporter Rasmus Tantholdt was speaking as part of a live broadcast when he was approached by security staff that had appeared on a golf buggy.

It quickly became apparent that he was not welcome to film and he was quickly threatened with having his camera smashed and destroyed.

The clip, which has gone viral across social media, showed Tantholdt switching to English to ask for clarifications on where he was allegedly misconstruing any rules on filming in Qatar.

‘You have invited the whole world here. Why can’t we film? It is a public place,’ he said.

He quickly presented his press accreditation on his phone, reaffirming their permissions to film but as one man grapples with the lens of the camera, a security guard claims the camera will be destroyed if they do not stop filming.

The Danes show their press accreditation and say they have permission to film. Then the guards follow up with a threat. If they don’t stop filming, they will destroy the camera.

‘You can break the camera,’ he added. ‘You want to break it? Go ahead. You’re threatening us by breaking the camera.’….