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Palestinians force ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jew to kiss their feet, then they post video of the incident on TikTok



The persecution of kaffirs is mainstream Islamic doctrine, and is regularly demonstrated globally; it is also a constant in Islamic history. Subjugation and humiliation are always part of the package for unbelievers. Add in the murder of Jews (pay for slay) in Israel, and this latest act should come as no surprise.

They were arrested. But this kind of act isn’t new, and shows the world more of what Jews endure from Palestinian jihadis.

“Palestinian teens order Haredi man to kiss their feet, post on TikTok, are arrested,” Times of Israel, December 2, 2022:

Police arrested two Palestinian teenagers who filmed themselves threatening an ultra-Orthodox man in Jerusalem’s Old City and ordering him to bend down on his knees and kiss one of their feet in a video that they later uploaded to TikTok.

The phenomenon of Palestinians filming themselves assaulting or humiliating ultra-Orthodox residents sparked outrage and clashes last year, leading to several arrests. In one particularly viral video, a Palestinian was filmed pouring hot coffee on an Orthodox man, leading to a two-year prison sentence.

The latest clip was captioned with the line “look at how he kisses his shoes” with a laughing emoji.

A police complaint was filed shortly after the video was uploaded and the 14 and 16-year-olds were arrested on Thursday and charged with assault and issuing threats.

A judge on Friday ordered the suspects’ remand extended by four more days.

Police said in a statement that it “will continue to fight the crimes of abuse, violence and humiliation and bring those involved to justice.”….