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Lyin’ Joe Biden Says MAGA Republicans Want to Defund the Police



New in PJ Media:

Somewhere in his confused and deteriorating mind, Old Joe Biden knows that the only way that Democrats can win in 2024, other than shenanigans with ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots, is by running as far away as they possibly can from the disastrous record of his dumpster-fire presidency. Since Old Joe is a cheerful and unabashed liar, this doesn’t just include adopting America-First rhetoric but actively working to obscure some of the worst aspects of the Left’s agenda and even claiming that those who have opposed those agenda items most strenuously were actually the ones advocating for them. Only Joe Biden would think he could get away with this, and given the sycophantic state of the national media, he probably can.

Old Joe read from his teleprompter on Tuesday at the Boys & Girls Club of West San Gabriel Valley in Monterey Park, Calif., at an event on reducing gun violence. Biden’s speechwriter spent a considerable amount of time trying to tug at the heartstrings of the audience by painting sentimental portraits of the victims of the mass shooting in Monterey Park in January. It was reasonably well-written and sometimes moving stuff, albeit clumsily delivered by the senescent corruptocrat who had the job of reading it out loud, and all the emotionalism was designed to curry favor for new measures restricting the ability of law-abiding and sane Americans to defend themselves.

Along the way, Old Joe took the opportunity to blame his all-purpose scapegoat, patriotic Americans who supported his predecessor for creating the evils that he was claiming to be combating now: “Congressional Republicans,” Biden declared, “should pass my budget instead of calling for cuts to these services or defunding the police or abolishing the FBI, as we hear from our MAGA Republican friends.” This wasn’t a one-off, either; on March 9 also, Biden claimed that “MAGA Republicans are calling for defunding the police departments.”

Now, wait a minute. Abolishing the FBI? Sure. MAGA Republicans have called for that. But Biden said this right after he said: “Last week, I laid out in my budget that we invest more in safer communities and expand access to mental health services for those affected by gun violence.” He was trying to give his hapless audience the impression that MAGA Republicans are cruel and heartless monsters who don’t care when people get gunned down in wanton violence and thus oppose sensible measures to protect Americans.

Yet Biden likely knows, and his handlers certainly know, that patriotic Americans have called for the abolition of the FBI not because they want to leave Americans unprotected in the face of rising crime (which Leftist policies have caused) but because it is now a thoroughly corrupt and politicized institution that spends its time hounding law-abiding Americans for the crime of protesting at school boards and treating them as if they were terrorists, instead of working to stop the real terrorists.

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