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Lady blocks man who asked her to cook ogbona during talking stage



A Nigerian lady has recounted her hilarious experience with a man who asked her to cook Ogbono and egusi during their talking state.

According to a Tweet by the lady, she had been in talking stage with this man and they were to meet up.

She texts him find out which restaurant they were going to meet up, but his reply shocks her. The man says the he would give her some money to go to the market instead.

According to him, he had been craving Ogbono and Egusi soup for a while. The lady angrily blocks him while he was still typing.

She wrote:

“I was in talking stage with this guy a couple of yrs ago and we were gonna hang out for the first time. I asked him which restaurant we were gonna meet up for lunch and Baba said no oh, he’ll send me money to buy foodstuffs, he’s been craving ogbono and egusi soup for a while.
I blocked him while he was still typing “

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