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J Street, Anti-Israel Activists Sign Letter in Defense of Antisemitic Taunt



Two obvious things.

1. There’s no level of antisemitism that the anti-Israel and anti-Jewish Left won’t back from its fellow leftist political allies.

2. Those same folks will instead claim that objecting to the antisemitism is what’s truly offensive.

But what’s notable here is the level of gutter antisemitism from Justice Democrat activist Waleed Shahid, responding to a Jewish Insider tweet with a “Goy Outsider” taunt, and the furious response from J Street and the rest of the anti-Israel crowd to the ADL boss’ limited virtue signaling by condemning Shahid’s antisemitism.

A number of J Street people, along with anti-Israel activist Sharon Kleinbaum, whose girlfriend and teachers’ union boss, Randi Weingarten had made her own ugly comments, along with various Bernie people, put together a letter demanding a “retraction and an apology from Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for his comments about the progressive movement and his smears of Waleed Shahid of Justice Democrats.”

New York City Comptroller Brad Lander, Peter Beinart, and members of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish groups such as J Street, JVP, If Not Now, and Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, defended Shaheed’s slur as a  “lighthearted joke” and claimed that drawing, “a moral equivalence between the progressive movement and violent far-right extremists undermines our shared goal of creating an inclusive democracy.”

Apparently, you can’t make an inclusive democracy without attacking Jews.