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Israel Accused of Unleashing Pigs on ‘Palestinians’



“The gazelles and the boars are trained somehow to respond to Israeli commands.”

Recently, the Arab Muslim settler dubbed the ‘Mayor of Hebron’ announced he was paying local gangs $5 for each dog they kill.

And now it’s wild boars.

Wild boars can be dangerous, but the Muslim settlers claim that they’re a Jewish conspiracy.

This unintentionally hilarious Twitter thread from the Institute for Middle East Understanding, an anti-Israel group, claims that “Israel is using wild boars to strengthen its colonial hold on Palestinian land” and that “Israel not only causes environmental harm to Palestinian land, but is also weaponizing nature against Palestinians, turning the land itself into a source of destruction and violence for the indigenous population.”

Wild boars are far more indigenous to Israel than the Arab Muslim settlers who have invaded and colonized the land.

An article at antisemitic hate site Mondoweiss claims that “settler-owned boars are being intentionally released into Palestinian villages, even though solid documentation has lagged behind.”

How exactly anyone can own “wild boars” is open to question. No wonder “solid documentation has lagged behind.”

Under a subheader titled, “The Palestinian conflict with wild boars”, the hate site complains that, “the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority regulation holds that no person may harm any animal, plant, or inanimate object within the areas designated as nature reserves in the West Bank. This has led the wild boar population in these reserves to soar, often spilling over into nearby Palestinian lands.”

Israel has also outlawed murdering Jews. It doesn’t seem to have slowed them down any. Perhaps they can try suicide bombing the pigs?

Lefties are ordinarily fanatical environmentalists, yet here they’re ready to embrace antisemitic conspiracy theories and hostility to animals and the environment as long as it serves their purpose.

The antisemitism isn’t extraordinary. The willingness to attack environmental regulations as a Zionist imperialist conspiracy is really something though.

Wild boars are a problem for anyone around them. Contrary to antisemitic conspiracy theories, they’ve even made their way into more urban areas leading to attacks like this in the Israel city of Haifa.

A 69-year-old man was attacked and moderately wounded by a wild boar in the northern city of Haifa on Sunday while out walking his dog, medics said.

Magen David Adom medics said they found the man conscious, with wounds to his limbs. He was taken to the nearby Rambam hospital in moderate condition.

“He told us that while he was out walking his dog he was attacked and wounded by a wild boar,” a medic said.

The man was the second Haifa resident to be injured by a feral hog in the last year.

Others however have embraced the pigs with the Haifa Wild Boars and the Haifa Lady Wild Boars playing regular games of rugby.

There’s a long history of the Boar War libel.

Michael Taussig, an anti-Israel BDS activist and a Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University, repeated a claim that “rampaging gazelles and wild boar emerging from that John F Kennedy National Park” were attacking Muslims.

And “the gazelles and the boars are trained somehow to respond to Israeli commands.”

Palestinian Authority boss Mahmoud Abbas, the capo di tutti capi of the PLO and Fatah, ranted, “Every night, they release wild pigs against us.”

He claimed that Jewish farmers were “uprooting trees, burning mosques and even training dogs to attack us and sending wild boars to spread corruption on the face of the earth.”

“Why are they doing this to us?” the terrorist leader, who has been linked to the Munich Olympics massacre and the murder of Leon Klinghoffer, a wheelchair bound Jewish-American, whined.

Like most Muslim propaganda, there’s a healthy dose of projection here. It’s actually the Jihadis who try to use animals as weapons.

A bird was sent from Gaza into Israel with a flammable substance attached to it.

The falcon was found Monday near the Besor River, the longest river in the Negev. A harness with explosive material was attached to the animal’s leg.

On July 18, Israel Defense Forces in the Rafah area noticed a donkey approaching, and opened fire, causing the explosives to detonate, according to an IDF blog post.

“This cruel incident” was just one of many similar times when animals were used to carry explosives, the IDF blog noted.

Maybe the pigs are just after payback.