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Iran: Women throw off hijabs at funeral of Mahsa Amini as protests spread nationwide



Iranian women threw off their headscarves in protest at the funeral of Mahsa Amini. The nation’s morality police beat her to death for not complying with hijab rules.  

Leftists in the West perpetually defend Islamic coverings for women as a “reasonable accommodation” or a gesture of “tolerance” in the name of “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” and to avoid being labeled “Islamophobic” by watchful Islamic supremacist special interest groups and lobbies. Support for female coverings, such as World Hijab Day, is a slap in the face to women in Iran such as Mahsa Amini, who died in pursuit of her right to be free not to wear it. Islamic law does not allow a woman a right to choose not to wear coverings. The hijab is a symbol of her inferiority under the Sharia (Quran 24:31, 33:59), in which male guardianship is also enshrined (Quran 4:34).

Following Amini’s funeral, massive “death to dictator” demonstrations continued to build in Amini’s home town; dozens were reported injured.  Protests are now spreading to other cities across Iran.

“Mahsa Amini: Women take headscarves off in protest at funeral,” by Ali Hamedani, BBC, September 18, 2022:

 Protests have broken out at the funeral of a woman who died after being arrested by Iran’s morality police.

Mahsa Amini, 22, died on Friday, days after eyewitnesses said she was beaten in a police van in Tehran – allegations denied by police.

Some women at the ceremony reportedly removed their headscarves in protest at the compulsory wearing of hijabs.

Mourners chanted “death to the dictator”, with videos showing police later firing on a crowd.

The funeral took place in Ms Amini’s hometown, Saqez, in the western province of Kurdistan.

According to videos published on social media, locals gathered very early in the morning to prevent Iranian security forces rushing through the burial in secret to avoid protests.

Reports suggested that some angry protesters marched toward the local governor’s office to protest about the death. According to videos received and verified by the BBC Persian Service, the security forces opened fire on protesters.

There were also reports of injuries and arrests. In videos published on Twitter, security forces can be seen guarding the governor’s office and arresting protesters trying to get close to the building.

A picture of Ms Amini’s gravestone was published on social media. It reads: “You didn’t die. Your name will be a code [rallying call].”

Ms Amini was arrested on Tuesday by the morality police for allegedly not complying with the strict dress code on head coverings.

According to eyewitnesses, she was beaten while inside a police van and slipped into a coma later.

Iranian police denied the allegations, saying she had “suffered a sudden heart failure”.

Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s hardline president, has asked the ministry of the interior to launch an investigation into the death.

Kasra Hospital in Northern Tehran said in a statement that Ms Amini was admitted on 13 September showing “no vital signs”…….

The statement was later removed from the hospital’s social media after hardline social media accounts accused hospital staff of being “anti-regime agents”……