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India: Two Hindu minors raped and killed, five Muslim men arrested



Crimes that Muslims commit against Hindu women are proliferating in the Indian subcontinent. Not a week goes by without a Muslim man abducting, forcibly converting, marrying, raping, or killing a Hindu woman. The phenomenon of Muslim men targeting Hindu women in India has become so commonplace and frequent that one is forced to wonder if India is still a Hindu-majority country.  

On Wednesday, September 14, two Hindu girls, aged 15 and 17, were found dead in a secluded area in Lakhimpur Kheri district of Uttar Pradesh. Five men – all Muslims – have been arrested by the police as accused in this case.

Now although the secular-liberal elites have disparaged the theories of Love Jihad/Grooming Jihad, recurring incidents such as these establish that Love Jihad is quite real. The victims in this double murder case were sisters; some media houses reported that they were in “relationships” with two of the perpetrators, Junaid and Sohail. Although the mainstream media has played down the fact, we must emphasize that the girls were minors. Hence, the narrative of them “being in a relationship” is misleading and legally void. The girls, as is evident, were being groomed. Junaid and Sohai lured these girls out of their house on Wednesday afternoon. The girls’ mother claims that men from a neighboring village “abducted them on a bike.” On Wednesday night, their bodies were found hanging from a tree by their dupattas (Indian scarves) in a nearby sugarcane field, less than a mile away from their house.

As per reports, Junaid and Sohail had sexually assaulted the sisters after taking them to the secluded area, after which the girls started demanding that they marry them. This was when the assaulted decided to get rid of them. They called in three other men, Hafizur Rehman, Karimuddin, and Arif, who not only helped Junaid and Sohail murder the girls, but also covered up the murder scene to make it look as if the girls had committed suicide.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Sanjeev Suman has confirmed that Junaid and Sohail have confessed that they strangled the victims after raping them.

“The men took advantage of the fact that they were friendly with the girls and raped them. As the girls then started saying they would have to marry them, the men got angry and strangled them with their dupattas. They later called two of their friends, who helped them hang the girls so that it looked like a suicide,” he added. Further investigations, including post-mortem examination and videography, are underway. The accused individuals have been booked for rape and murder under the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act and other sections of the Indian penal code.

It is interesting to note that the hue and cry over these gruesome murder increased during the first hours of Thursday morning, and then decreased after the identity of the perpetrators was released.

The victims hailed from the Dalit community. Dalits represent a socially and economically backward fraction of the Hindu population and play a significant role in the country’s political debate. Any anti-Dalit incident, regardless of its gravity or the lack thereof, turns into a political debate. Affected concern for this faction translate into votes. Politicians who claim to be socialist, communist, and secular line up at the entrances of any village that becomes the site of an anti-Dalit occurrence. The reactions of pro-Dalit activists and social commentators were almost the same in this case; they were taking the familiar political route until the suspects’ names started flashing across news headlines.

Following its practice of compromised secularist reporting, several leftist media houses, including IANS, presented one Chhotu Gautam as the “main accused” in the horrific crime, shifting the guilt away from Sohail, Junaid, and their three friends. Chhotu had merely introduced the girls to the Muslim men as friends and was not even present at the crime scene. After being called out for their erroneous reporting, a few media houses made changes to their original report, but continued to label Chhotu as the “main accused” for reasons best known to them, or perhaps because he was the only non-Muslim man in the entire fiasco.

Liberal-leftist secularists who thrive on the unfortunate cases of atrocities against the Dalits have maintained a disturbing silence on the matter. The top practitioners of identity politics have buried their heads in the sand. Some have sent out a perfunctory statement or two, but not beyond that. No references were made to the identities of the accused, lest they offend the Muslim population.

Celebrities from pop culture and cinema aren’t speaking out, either. The ever-so-loud and active feminist brigade has remained mute. Weighing in on crimes – no matter how anti-women – by Muslims is out of the question for them, too.