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India starts massive crackdown on Islamic group Popular Front of India (PFI)



In what is being dubbed the biggest crackdown on the Islamic terror-accused outfit the Popular Front of India (PFI), the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has arrested over 100 cadres, including top Islamic leaders, between Thursday, September 22, and Friday, September 23. During the late hours of September 21, joint teams of the NIA, enforcement directorate, and respective state police conducted raids on multiple locations linked to the organization across 10 Indian states. All the raids were conducted at offices and residences of the PFI members connected with terror funding, organizing terror camps, and recruiting people for jihad. The arrest of Chairman of PFI, OMA Abdul Salam, after a raid on his residence came as a shocker. PFI members were also detained in Assam, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh.

Responding to these arrests, PFI mobs carried out violent protests in multiple locations in Kerala. They damaged public transportation, destroyed private citizens’ vehicles, hurled stones in all directions at anyone they could injure, and then resorted mindlessly to hurling petrol bombs. PFI also called for a strike and forced shopkeepers to keep their shutters down. They organized marches to the locations of the raids while raising abusive slogans against the state and central governments. While these mobs continued to create violence on the streets, their apologists, seated in air-conditioned rooms, rushed to their defense; they took to whatever media platform to which they were given access in order to swear to the social benevolence of the hate group.  

In a similar raid conducted of PFI-linked properties in Bihar in July, officials had found documents revealing the radical group PFI’s ‘Mission 2047’ aimed at the complete Islamization of India. One of the names that surfaced during this investigation was Margoob, who was allegedly running a networking group called ‘Ghazwa-E-Hind’. This social group was connected with the Islamists in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

While the nationwide crackdown on PFI continues, it is important to shine a light on the group’s many acts of unadulterated hate and bigotry. On Saturday, September 17, the PFI organized a rally at Kozhikode, Kerala, with the sole purpose of delivering hate-filled speeches against the Hindus. Leading the way was Afsal Qasimi, the state general secretary of the All India Imams Council. The Islamic scholar urged the Prophet’s followers to attain martyrdom while fighting the Hindu organization, RSS. Qasimi further encouraged his people, suggesting that while many would die and be jailed, such martyrs would go to paradise. While Qasimi publicly incited his followers to indulge in violence, Kerala police remained mute. This doesn’t come as a surprise, because back in July, three personnel of the Kerala Police, PV Aliyar, PS Riyas, and Abdul Samad, were accused of leaking sensitive information to jihad terror groups, and were transferred. 

But there’s nothing new here; this outfit is known for its hate speeches and sermons to kill the “enemy” of Islam. Earlier this year, a video of a Muslim child raising anti-Hindu and anti-Christian slogans went viral. It appeared as if he was being carried on an adult’s shoulders, with a sea of men marching behind him. Leading the march, the child warned the Christian and Hindus, asserting that the Muslims were coming to annihilate them all. “Be ready for your death rituals if you won’t live in our land quietly. Be ready with rice flakes to fill your mouth if you won’t live quietly [for Hindus]. Be ready to burn amber in your home if you won’t live quietly [for Christians]. Because we are coming, we are your death,” is the exact translation of the venom he spewed in Malayalam. Authorities discovered that the video was from a PFI rally held in Kerala.  

Before this, in February 2021, 5000 PFI activists took out an unauthorized rally through the coastal town of Ullal, Karnataka. Many had also dressed as a militia, which rendered the police, district administration, and the general public equally baffled at the sheer audacity demonstrated by the Islamic crowd, and the burgeoning adherence to a muscular form of political Islam in the area.

PFI members are accused of killing numerous Hindus in Kerala, in the most brutal way imaginable. NIA officials have confirmed that PFI office bearers were recruiting Muslim youth for proscribed groups such as the Islamist State. Collaborating with ISIS, PFI compiled a hit-list that included two High Court judges and leaders of the RSS in Kerala. What’s more? The NIA has also charged PFI mentors for indoctrinating Hindu girls to convert and push them towards Love Jihad. 

PFI has fooled authorities for too long, an absolute Islamic jihad group working in the web of social welfare. Indians are seeking a total ban on this menace-making machinery.