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Germany: Police warmly embrace knife-wielding Muslim migrant right after he stabs German



These police are well and thoroughly indoctrinated. They know who the perpetrators and the victims are, no matter what the evidence of their senses may tell them.

“The foreigner is always the victim: Berlin’s do-gooder police embraced knife-wielding African after the deed,” translated from “Der Ausländer ist immer das Opfer: Berlins Gutmenschen-Polizei umarmte Messer-Afrikaner nach Tat,” Journalisten Watch, August 2, 2022 (thanks to Medforth):

In Berlin, the 41-year-old Moroccan Mounir M. is currently on trial for a violent crime in a public park, with which he involuntarily helped to reinforce the lesson that a concerned father wanted to teach his daughter: The father had wanted to show the 12-year-old how dangerous it was to be in Berlin’s parks late at night. In the end, Mounir M. made sure in a bloody way that the anticipatory educational measures were fully justified.

What exactly had happened? On August 11 last year, shortly before midnight, 40-year-old Thomas K. and his daughter were arguing loudly in the park in Charlottenburg. The father criticised her for having crossed the de facto no-go areas of a Berlin park at that time of night and wanted to make it clear to her how dangerous it was to be in that area at that time of night (and in view of the conditions in Berlin not only at that time) – due to the migrant troublemakers usually encountered there, including the prevalence of violence and drugs.

Drunk, aggressive, armed with knives

“She was way too late from soccer practice,” explained Thomas K. “I was worried, went to meet her. Saw her slowly strolling out of the park – in the middle of the night! She knows that she shouldn’t go that way!” And further: “I said to her: We’re going back so you can understand why you shouldn’t do that! We argued. I lost sight of her in the park.” Shortly thereafter, her father rediscovered her – and had to realize that the self-fulfilling prophecy was already in full swing: “When she came back, a man followed her.”

This was the accused Moroccan Mounir M. When the father rushed to his daughter’s aid, he immediately attacked Tomas K. M. threw a full beer bottle, a second bottle splintered at the father’s feet. “My daughter screamed,” said K.. “The man forced me to my knees and said that it wasn’t my daughter at all. I shouted to her: Run away!” Shortly thereafter, the knife flashes in the North African’s hand, with which he stabbed his father several times. He remembers: “I have no idea how I got out of there alive. Two days later I woke up in the hospital.”

Of course: the perpetrator had a “blackout”

The consequence of this renewed “negotiation of daily cultural coexistence” in this case for Thomas K.: serious injuries, several operations, almost complete blindness in one eye and severe damage to the other, permanent scars on his face. The Moroccan, however, claims that he suffered a “blackout,” presumably briefed by standard procedure from lawyers in the asylum lobby. “I can’t explain what happened,” he said. From his point of view, the following happened: “I lost my job and drank a lot of beer in the park. At night I heard a female voice in the park, there was apparently an argument with a man, I just wanted to help…” He only regained consciousness on a park bench after a policewoman took care of him. “I was covered in blood, but the blood wasn’t mine,” he continued.

Who doesn’t know that – you lose your job, get drunk in the park and put a knife in your pocket just in case, so that you can be on the spot quickly if you meet a German father who abuses his daughter again? Apparently, the Berlin police, who met the Moroccan after the incident in the park, believed blindly in this do-gooder tale, because there is no other way to explain what they did first according to the record: they “embraced and comforted” the bloody perpetrator – on the assumption that he was the victim, while Thomas K. was lying unconscious next to him in the park.

Consequences of brainwashing

Apparently, the officer did not even think that the migrant Mounir M. could be anything other than the victim. This is the result of political brainwashing in Germany, which – in a grotesque reversal of reality – sees native biological Germans principally as potential racists, xenophobia and “perpetrators” – and foreigners as victims by default.

In view of the permanent indoctrination by Berlin politicians and the German framing media, this is no wonder. There is hardly a crime scene or any other production of public broadcasting, including the “Nachrichten,” in which the foreigner is not the victim of racism and the lies of white native Germans.

The bad Germans, the defenseless migrants

This distorted image, which is widespread everywhere, has probably become so deeply ingrained in the subconscious of German “policemen” that they automatically assume that a crying migrant must be the victim – if in doubt of right-wing extremist violence, but in any case more traumatic and discriminatory…