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ADL promotes author who compared Israeli policy to Nazi actions during the Holocaust



Despite case after case of jihad violence perpetrated against the state of Israel and official Palestinian documents proving that their goal is to obliterate Israel (while they portray their efforts toward this goal as a Palestinian “resistance”), the ADL is in effect aiding, not fighting, antisemitism.

There’s a pattern with the ADL zeroing in on the history of Christian antisemitism while ignoring historic and current Islamic antisemitism. The ADL has actually shifted its focus from combating antisemitism to advocating for the woke agenda. Daniel Greenfield writes in his article “Under Jonathan Greenblatt, the ADL has become a threat to Jews“:

Two years ago, CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote a post defending BLM’s antisemitism and celebrating the “clarion call of ‘Black Lives Matter’” which in Los Angeles and a number of other communities were followed by pogroms against Jewish synagogues and businesses.

The ADL’s promotion of an author who compared Israeli policy to the actions of Nazis during the Holocaust is appalling. It’s a slap in the face to the cause of fighting antisemitism.

“Anti-Defamation League promotes author who compared Israeli policy to Nazi actions during the Holocaust,” by Hannah Grossman, Fox News, September 15, 2022:

The Anti-Defamation League promoted an author on its website who previously drew comparisons between the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which appears to be at odds with the organization’s mission to fight against anti-Semitism.

The ADL promoted an author named – specifically, her book “Making It Home: Real-Life Stories from Children Forced to Flee” – despite a history of anti-Israel rhetoric.

The ADL promotes books on its website to educators as part of its mission to combat anti-Semitism and other biases.

For example, Naidoo criticized the Israeli security policies which included checkpoints for those living in the West Bank and Gaza in the early 2000s by invoking a Holocaust poem of a victim who was killed in Auschwitz.

About Israel’s policy, Naidoo writes: “At the Tamer Institute, people say the time to bring Israeli and Palestinian children together will arrive only when the latter can travel as freely as the former. ‘Once upon a time we lived together in peace in this land – Jew, Christian and Arab – but then they brought in their settlers. How can we live in peace with people who, every day, are still taking our land?’ I am reminded of words from a poem written in the ghetto of Terezin, now in the Czech Republic, by 13-year-old Franta Bass before transportation to death in Auschwitz.

Towards the town where I was born,

My town, my native town,

How gladly I would return to you.”

Israeli officials have argued that restricting the movements of Palestinians in the territories would protect itself from terrorist attacks.

In fact, six months after Naidoo published the criticism of the Israeli policy a terror campaign known as the Second Intifada began. It claimed the lives of hundreds of Israeli civilians through suicide bombings and other terrorist means.

For example, one of the terror attacks – the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing – was planned by mastermind Ahlam al-Tamimi in which she thought through how to kill as many victims and children as possible, according to the ADL’s own website……