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Woman kicks husband out without clothes after catching him cheating in their home



A Nigerian woman sent her husband packing after she caught him in the act of having intimate relations with another woman.

She threw out his belongings and kicked him out of their matrimonial home even as he was half-naked.

A video posted on Facebook by True Life Stories shows when the women confronted her husband.

Some neighbours who were present during the fracas made attempts to calm her down and prevent any physical assault.

The man could be heard defending his actions as his wife chided him for cheating in the same house that she pays rent for.

He tied only a wrapper round his waist but this did not stop her from going into the room to bring out a Ghana-Must-Go bag which belongs to him.

The obviously angry woman began throwing the bags and his other belongings out, saying that he should leave her house.

But the unfaithful man tried to stand his ground as he screamed that he is still the man of the house, but that did not prevent her from doing what she wanted.

Not satisfied with sending him out, the wife targeted his TV hanging on the wall and attempted to smash its the electronic.

She was begged to discontinue her show of aggression and reconsider her decision to send him out for the sake of the kids but she responded that she would take care of the children herself.

Watch the video below:

In similar news, a married woman has shared a complicated story about being trapped in a web of deceit and disloyalty.

She cried out and fumed about her boyfriend cheating on her with another lady despite all she’s done for him.

According to the lady who pleaded anonymity, she and the lover have been in a relationship for two years because her husband stays overseas.

She said that she takes care of him and even helped the boyfriend to rent a house with her husband’s money.

On how she found out he was cheating, the woman said she saw a text on his phone from a lady who sent a message that she was missing him.

In her words; ”Hide my ID. I’m in a relationship with this guy for the past two years, I support him and I also Supported in renting a house for him. I had plans that we were going to work out something in future..

Last week when he was about living my house, his phone beeped and I saw a pop up SMS. “Baby, I and junior misses you” I was really mad. This is a man that I use my husband’s money to care for. My husband is abroad. Like can’t there be a faithful man on this earth?”