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What does Afang soup do in the body?



What does Afang soup do in the body? Does afang cause internal heat? Can a pregnant woman eat afang?


Before i answer this question, let me tell you somethings about afang soup and what it does the body….

Wild Spanish leaves (afang) also known as Koko in Congo, okok in Cameroon,afang in Ibibio, ukazi leaf in Igbo, and ajakotale in Yoruba are a green leafy vegetable commonly grown in West Africa. These leaves are mostly used in preparing various soups and stews.

A visit to the southern part of Nigeria specifically Akwa Ibom (the home of soups) where afang soup is found on all occasions, celebrations, parties, etc as the main dish of the day will make you love this soup even more, but before then let’s look at:

What does Afang soup do in the body?


Afang leaves contain protein, copper, zinc, vitamin, magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, fiber, potassium, etc…

These wonderful leaves are known to contain Antifungal, Antioxidant, Antibacterial, and Antiparos properties and are blessed with vitamins…

?Afang has high fiber content and as such it helps in weight management or weight loss…

What does Afang soup do in the body?

?Afang is known to increase libido, improve reproductive health, and ovulation, and boost  erection because it enhances and improves blood flow to the privates as a result of some of its amino acid content.

? Afang helps in boosting blood production due to its iron content.

? It improves one’s thyroid health and helps fight goiter because of its iodine content.

? It improves heart health by lowering the cholesterol level in the body because of the compound called saponin present in it…

?Saponin is known as an antioxidant found in afang and as such afang is known to improve one’s immunity.

?Afang improves bone and teeth health by making them strong.

?Afang helps in the management of high blood pressure because of its alkaloid content which helps in reducing blood pressure.

?Afang helps to combat skin infections such as Eczemas, rashes.

?Afang helps enhance digestive health and reduces constipation.

?Afang when eaten raw helps in reducing menstrual pains because of its glycosides content which works as an analgesic…

? It helps in the treatment of sore throat…

? it helps in the treatment of enlarged spleen…

?Afang is believed to be an antidote for poison.

Remember to always take everything in moderation because too much of everything can lead to disease as too much of wild Spanish can predispose one to kidney stones because of the presence of Oxalic acid…

That will be all for today’s episode…


When talking about Afang soup, there is always a common question that comes to the mind of the people and that question is…

Does Afang cause internal heat?

If you are a lover of this wonderful meal, some people may be so concerned to let you know that Afang causes internal heat but does it do…The answer is yes and no

Yes because Afang contains oxalic acid and oxalic acid is known to cause inflammation and a burning sensation in the body which is more reason people experience this heat sensation after taking afang soup…

No, because boiling or cooking the afang already has reduced the oxalic acid content in the afang to the lowest percentage. But that not withstanding even when the percentage of the oxalic acid has been reduced through boiling one can still experience “internal heat” because of consuming afang, so we now talk about the remedy for this internal heat…


Let us note it here that sometimes even the body produces this oxalic acid so whether we consume afang or not you can still be experiencing “internal heat ” but one induced by afang can be handled by reducing the intake of afang every time to the occasional taking of it.
And also drinking copious fluids like plenty of water can go a long way to helping in reducing the amount of oxalate present in the body…

I love you all and I remain your Nurse Udeme

Nurse Udeme Effiong


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