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Video: “How Davido and I sold 20 TVs from his father’s house to raise money”-B-Red



B-Red, a Nigerian singer and Davido’s cousin, described how he raised money by selling 20 TVs from Davido’s father’s home.

B-Red described how Don Jazzy had offered to assist him and Davido while they were living abroad, but only if they could move to Nigeria in an interview with Echoo Room.

B-Red had raided the home of Davido’s millionaire father and taken 20 of his TVS, which they sold to raise money. This was done in a desperate bid to raise money.

According to the singer, they initially tried to sell Davido’s father’s cars, but they were all registered in his name.

Even though Davido’s father had purchased a Hyundai for him, they tried to sell it, but Davido outsmarted them by altering the car’s ownership certificates to his name.

Though admitting that he regrets his action, he is, however happy that he did it.

“Don Jazzy told us to come to Nigeria and he would support us after we hosted him for 5 hours.

Me and Davido wanted to sell all the cars in the house, but we couldn’t because the cars weren’t in our names. Davido’s father bought him Hyundai but luckily before we could sell it he had already changed the car documents to his name. We couldn’t sell off the cars but we sold up to 16 to 17s TV plus 3 TVs from the basement.

I busted Davido’s father’s house and we sold 20 TVs from his father’s house.

I regret doing all these things but at the same time, I am happy. I regretted it because of the disrespect, but at the same time I am happy I did it”.