Two siblings who are identified as Destiny and Rita have been redeemed by Child’s Right And Rehabilitation Network (CRARN) after the duo were charged with witchcraft by their own mother.

The Director of the NGO identified as Sam Itauma reported that the two siblings were tagged as witches by their mother, who declared that they used devious means to collapse her business.

In the own words of Sam Itauma :

“They’re two brilliant siblings, male, 7 and female, 5. From the Okobo Local Government Area. They speak Efik and Oron language fluently. They also speak the English language to the best of their ability, despite being out of school for more than a year while being tossed between the woods and some makeshift prayer houses.

“Just like sleeping in the bushes, a thing they’ve become used to over the year, Destiny and Rita, who don’t k now their father’s whereabouts, except their mother who claimed they have caused her to lose her business and financial strength through diabolical means, are no strangers to drinking phantom, nauseating and bitter concoction handed over to them by their church prophets which usually left sleeping all day, sometimes two days.


“When the prophet became tired of them as their mother could no longer provide money for their deliverance and feeding in the church, he threw them away. This time, he warned them never to return to the church again.

“As they returned to stay in their mother’s backyard bush, some furious neighbors attacked them with machetes and threatened to kill them in the wee hours of the night. Their cries and ululation drew the attention of a Good Samaritan who came out, pleaded with them not to further the attack on the children.

He called the CRARN rescue team that night, who drove 45 minutes in the morning to Okobo and rescued the children to the CRARN Children Centre, Eket where they currently take refuge.

“Our thanks go to our volunteer hero who left the comfort of his home and sweet sleep to rescue these innocent children.

“Witchcraft belief is orchestrated and hyped by desperate religious profiteers who capitalize and swoop on the ignorance of the people have caused thousands of children to either be separated, trafficked, or killed.

“We have continued to maintain that witchcraft is a ruse, fantasy, and a nonexistent creation. It only exists in the imagination of those who believe in it.”



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