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There Is Nothing Wrong Having A Muslim As Senate President And Deputy Senate President- Ikechukwu



A new twist has emerged in the leadership tussle within the Labour Party, as Professor Okey Ikechukwu boldly declares himself as the National Chairman of the party. This development arises amid ongoing claims to leadership by figures such as Apapa, Arabambi, and others.

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Source: Arise TV

Professor Okey Ikechukwu questions the timing of these internal conflicts within the Labour Party, particularly with the approaching 2023 Presidential Election currently being deliberated at the Appeal Court. He raises the question of what instills fear in others regarding the Labour Party, prompting them to employ various tactics to destabilize it. The professor identifies the APC as the primary suspect in this regard.

Furthermore, Prof Ikechukwu highlights that Peter Obi, who secured a third-place position in the Presidential Election, was not the sole contender. He questions why Obi appears to be the primary target among the competition.

Quoting Professor Okey Ikechukwu, he said, “There is nothing wrong having a Muslim as Senate President and Deputy Senate President.” “There must be something truly alarming the Labour Party has that has made others want to destabilize it, of course, the primary suspect is APC. This is the man (Peter Obi) who came third, so why is he the target? He wasn’t the only one who contested; he didn’t come second, he came third.”

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