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A middle aged man from cross Rivers State ,but lives in Abuja lamented the service of a young errands boy that got his only daughter pregnant.The man cried out profusely and uncontrollably that his tired about life .

According to the man who doesn’t want his name to be mentioned said the young boy has been a very good errands boy living with him for over 5 years in Abuja impregnated his only daughter.

The daughter fell sick and was taken to the hospital only for him to discover her pregnancy. All attempt to know who was responsible for the pregnancy from the daughter failed as she refused to disclose the identity of the person.

As the only daughter in the family, he decided to take care of her to ensure her safe delivery. This is because she is brilliant and he wanted her to go and read medicine in the university.

The father became worried as she refused to disclose the identity of the man as the pregnancy was getting close to 9 month. He was particularly perturbed because their culture and tradition didn’t permit any one to give birth to a bastard.

He decided to travel home for necessary traditional rite to be performed before her delivery. Previous attempt by others who ignore the traditional rite of similar cases ended up their untimely death as the only sacrifice to be paid for their failure.

So he went home with the daughter with the intention to perform the traditional rite before her delivery. However, he was directed to see Dr Divine spiritual home+23481, 2282, 1979 for a preliminary assessment before performing the traditional rite in the village as required by the elders.

At the spiritual home of Dr Divine. it was revealed by the ancestors that someone living with him at Abuja was responsible for the pregnancy. The father said there is nobody living with them, except an errands boy.

He never thought of the errands boy been responsible for such because he seems to be innocent in all ramifications. The Spiritualist insisted that the errands boy must be brought forward for questioning.

The father went back to Abuja and came with the errands boy to Dr Divine spiritual home. Behold when question was directed to the errands boy about who was responsible for the pregnancy of his only daughter.

He told Dr Divine that he was responsible for it, but her father didn’t bother to ask him that is why he didn’t say anything. Immediately the father heard this from the errands boy. He fell down and his BP rose to 180/120 and was rushed to the hospital.

The daughter eventually put to bed a bouncing baby boy at the same hospital the following day. Now the father is seriously in dilemma whether to allow the girl to pursue her education or to marry the errands boy as both has no job.

He is in dare need of your counseling on which way to go between the two available option.


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