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Supreme court has said that they will not impose any privileges in FCT as regards the 25%– Clark



Robert Clark, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, has once again criticized those who argue that a presidential candidate must obtain a minimum of 25% of the votes in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in order to be declared the duly elected President of Nigeria. During an interview with Channels TV, Clark emphasized that the Supreme Court has previously stated that it will not grant any special privileges to Abuja.

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Clark contended that it is illogical for anyone to claim that a candidate who secures 25% of the required votes in all states but fails to achieve the same in the FCT should be disqualified from becoming president. He pointed out that the Supreme Court has recognized that Abuja, while accorded the status of a state, does not enjoy the same privileges as a state under the constitution.

According to Clark, the Supreme Court has maintained that Abuja is a unique entity and should not be treated as a state, despite acknowledging its state-like status. He argued against imposing additional privileges on Abuja since it is not constitutionally classified as a state.

He raised a hypothetical scenario, questioning whether it would be reasonable to deny a candidate the presidency if they have obtained 25% of the votes in all 36 states but failed to reach the same threshold in the FCT. Clark deemed such a stance nonsensical, stating that it would be met with ridicule by many people. He cautioned against complicating the issue by considering Abuja as an additional state, as this would bring the total to 37 and make it practically impossible to attain a two-thirds majority.

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