Reno Omokri has replied to actor Deyemi for correcting him over the use of the word local in classifying an indigene asking him to stop drinking panadol for another man’s headache.


Reno Omokri applauding the coach of the Super Eagles labeled him as a local coach and Deyemi reacting to that asked him to change the word local with another as he’s a Nigerian to know that the word local is an insult to them.

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Reno Omokri replying to that hit back hard at Deyemi saying he doesn’t even know who Deyemi is that he’s getting angry that he praises the coach as a local coach who is doing better than foreign coaches and he didn’t grow in the ghetto to know that.

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According to him, the person who he’s complimenting is not complaining and he even watched an interview where the coach himself used the word, Local and saw nothing wrong with that so he should stop drinking panadol for someone’s medicine.

Deyemi, on the other hand, replied to Reno Omokri telling him that for someone with his kind of wit and who has been around the media at the highest level, he’s supposed to know a lightened jab from a tackle adding that a person we carry insult get am.

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