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Popular Musician, Funmi Ayinke To Release ‘Chocolate’ Video On May 27



Popular Nigerian musician, Funmi Ayinke is set to release the video for her hit track, Chocolate, on Saturday, 27TH of May 2023.

The phenomenal musician made this known during an interview session with Colourful Radio London, England yesterday Saturday, 13th of May, 2023.

Funmi Ayinke stated that she will be celebrating her 40th Birthday on May 27 and to celebrate her big day, she has decided to release the video which her teeming fans have been requesting since the release of the song.

Funmi Ayinke during this interview session spoke about varieties of things including the reason behind her sojourn into the music industry, how she has grown in the industry, and her aspirations in the coming years.

She explained that her journey into the music industry was borne out of the need to motivate the young ones differently. She posited that the young ones don’t like reading and music, being a powerful tool, was the best way to reach them.

Funmi Ayinke also revealed in the interview that she has never been a music person and that she was always embarrassed back in the day for singing off-key.

‘’I love to motivate people a lot, I know people especially the youth don’t read so I thought of ways to add value to the young ones. I needed to let them know success isn’t magic, you don’t jump into it and may not know the Funmi Ayinke process. I felt if they don’t read me, they should be able to sing me because Music is very powerful. Due to this reason, I delved into music and recorded a song titled The Journey. I was surprised at the outcome and I had about one million views on YouTube.’’

‘’I have never been a music person, they didn’t like giving me the microphone to sing in my university days because I was always off-key. ‘’

When asked about the idea behind her viral song titled Carry Me, Funmi Ayinke explained that it was a form of advocacy against ‘breakfast’

‘’My song ‘carry me’ is amazing, I love it. There is this slogan we say in Nigeria which is ‘Breakfast’, which means ending a relationship or breaking up. I was annoyed in my spirit when I heard about the slogan because I didn’t like the fact that it was encouraging break-up so I felt like instead of having breakfast, why not encourage a long-lasting relationship?’’

Funmi Ayinke is currently in London for a music tour which has started already. She is expected back in Nigeria in a few weeks for the celebration of her 40th Birthday.