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Nigerian lady shows off beautiful house her mum gave her



A Nigerian artist known as Uzo Njoku has taken to social media to reveal that her mother gave her a house in Asaba, Delta state.

She said she was able to get the house after convincing her mum that she needs it for her work.

The young artist said she plans to turn the strucure into her escape artiste home and would most likely not leave for some time.

According to Uzo, she intends to live in the house for the next two months painting and doing her personal stuff, so if anyone wants to see her, that is where she can be found.

Sharing the house, she wrote; ”Finally convinced my mom to let me have the house in Asaba ? I’m going to turn it into my escape artist home.

If you’re looking for me 2 months out of the year I’ll be here painting and minding my business.”

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Meanwhile, a young man earlier advised working class individuals to be use their income wisely and not expend it on huge projects.

The lad known as Nguea Dipita took to his TikTok account to advise people not to use their income to build house.

He said it is a liability and buttressed his point with a story of a building someone commenced in his area.

According to Nguea, the building was started in his neighbourhood when he was in primary school but the owner was unable to complete it due to unknown reasons, so he abandoned the structure since that time.

He said that the biggest mistake anybody who is financially stable can make is to immobilise their money all in the name of building houses.

Nguea went on to state that the wise move would be to invest their active income and channel the interest from the income into another investment.

He then explained that after accumulating interests from different investments, they can begin the construction of the house from a third investment move.


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