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Nigerian lady rewards man with N50k for replying with maturity on social media



A Nigerian man has gotten monetary reward for displaying maturity in the manner he responded to someone on Instagram.

A lady credited him with N50,000 because of the matured and respectful way he replied another lady who mocked him in the comment section of an Instablog9ja post.

He had given an advise in the comment section of a post and one IG user insinuated that the guy was trying to feel among even though he does not have N60 in his account.

The man did not go into a banter exchange, rather he said; ”I no get even N1, thank you for reminding me. Keyboard warrior. You are just here to fight in the comment section. Good luck.”

The lady who gave him N50k was impressed with the young man’s response and decided to appreciate him for displaying uncommon character.

He then informed Instablog9ja of what the random lady did for him and he was in awe because that was the first time in his life anybody had ever asked for his account number to send him money.

In screenshots uploaded to Instagram, the lady commended him and said whoever raised him did a good job.

She stressed that she felt the need to bless him for his humble response whether he is truly broke or not.

Read the chats below:


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