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Nigerian lady expresses disappointment in her date for buying her only soft drink and chicken pie



A Nigerian lady identified as @_adjola, has taken to social media to reveal how dissatisfied she was with the date she went on.

Ola called out a man for taking her out and buying one chilled bottle of soft drink and a chicken pie for her.

The young lady, who was angry, implied that it was not something one could refer to as a serious date. She then challenged all men to stop taking women on such dates.

@_adjola wrote; ”You took me out, bought me chilled Coca-Cola with one chicken pie and you f**king call this a date??

Guys pls all this shit need to stop ???”

Her post generated controversy and attracted criticism from netizens.

@walshakgentle; A date is an avenue to know each other. Talk about Genotype, your views about life, beliefs, family upbringing and financial management. A date is not an avenue to eat what you cannot afford for yourself. A date is not food carnival. Ladies, learn to have some dignity

@Timi_ogunde; Eskis Ma, Did you take your own money with you ? If the answer is no, Put your hand on your chest and say “Oloribu ni mi”.

@bleeze_U; At least tell him u are hungry he shld buy u food. A date is for u to talk about ur likes, dislike, plans dreams other important issues like genotype and know urself better not a stomach infrastructure program

@jboyjibola; Ok what were you expecting, he should have gotten you a G-wagon, send your immediate younger bro/sis to Canada then send 10 electricity transformer to your village to restore back their electricity ?just for a date. Really… Ori yin buru ma’m

@GREAT4FC; I feel you all know what triggers people here on Twitter and you deliberately tweet them out to get engagements. Well, it’s working for you guys. Nobody took you on a date you know deep down.

@slimwishBone; Is it until you eat what you rarely eat or until you eat to stupor that’s it’s a date? A date can be to see a movie, to a park to a museum etc eating food is not criteria for a good date

@muby4real; The whites go on dates over a cup of coffee. You proved to be typical Nigerian opportunist that believe your value is how much you spend on her. So lame.

@s_moradeyoh; My gender can be too hypocrite ? I see you all commenting like it’s nothing but deep down not all can go on this kind of date ✌️…..but to get comments and make people feel you’re exceptional y’all act like you won’t request for TP for a date?…Let’s all tryna be real.


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