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Moment Speed Darlington traded words with his mum after she cautioned him for using foul language around kids (Video)



Nigerian internet personality and influencer, Darlington Okoye, popularly known as Speed Darlington has been captured on tape trading words with a woman believed to be his mum.

She was correcting him for using foul language in the presence of little children while going about his usual social media rant.

The US-based artiste was addressing fans and followers via a live session on TikTok, and being that he made use of lewd, explicit words not appropriate for children’s hearing.

Speedy’s mother lashed out at him for not having the decency to make sentences without chipping in vulgar words.

He then responded that she should not expect him to stop doing what he is known for because children are around.

But this further angered her as she brought up hi past and noted how he would run away if police was called to arrest him.

Speed Darlington said he is not afraid of being arrested because he has been locked up several times.

He then wondered why she gave birth to him if she would continually attack him and issue threats.

The woman further cautioned him to behave himself in her house, saying that she does not come to his place so he should not come to hers if he wants to keep misbehaving.

The rapper then turned the camera towards her direction while it was still live and she immediately got up to interrupt the session.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported that Darlington earlier called out skit makers who buy expensive vehicles like Range Rover and Benz.

He accused them of lying about making so much money from skit-making that they can afford to buy multi-million naira whips.

Speed Darlington made the accusation in a video posted online as he said that skit-makers are doing something to get the money.

He said that the are using their popularity on the internet to secure secret ilegitimate deals and it is not the skit that makes them rich.

This comes days after skit-maker, Southpaw King took to social media to announce that he has bought himself a Lexus SUV.