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Malcolm Ford: Exploring The Life Of Harrison Ford’s Son



Malcolm Ford is a celebrity child who shot to fame as the son of the Hollywood star Harrison Ford and his ex-wife screenwriter Melissa Mathison. His father is an American actor who has starred in multiple movies such as What Lies Beneath (2ooo), Blade Runner (1982), Sabrina (1995), Morning Glory (2010), and many more.

Apart from being a star kid, he has made his own identity as an American vocalist and musician. He along with his friend formed a band in 2008, “The Dough Rollers,” and were actively making albums. The story of Ford getting into music is also immensely fascinating which we will let you in the piece below. However, the band members haven’t been seen for some months and have also ceased their social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Well, many of you must have heard about the iconic Hollywood star, Harrison Ford, but very few know about his son. Despite being a superstar’s son, he likes to keep his life private just like his dad. So what about Malcolm Ford’s life? Is he in a relationship with a girlfriend or wife? Read the article below to find out all about his personal life surrounding his age, net worth, and more.

How Old is Malcolm Ford in 2024? His Birth Details

The celebrity kid Malcolm was born in 1987 and celebrates his birthday on October 3. As of 2024, he is 36 years old. Moreover, since Malcolm was born and brought up in Wyoming, USA, he, therefore, holds American nationality. Furthermore, his star sign is Libra, and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic background.

Harrison Ford’s son Malcolm Ford grew up in Wyoming.

According to reports, Malcolm hasn’t completed his education. For schooling, he went to a school in his hometown of Jackson Hole in the US state of Wyoming. However, all the academic details about the musician are not revealed. Eventually, he enrolled in college after completing his school and, regardless, dropped out before graduation.

Parents: Malcolm Ford’s Dad is an Iconic Movie Star

The Dough Rollers member Malcolm was born to his father Harrison Ford and his mother Melissa Mathison. His dad is an American actor whose movies have grossed more than $9.3 billion worldwide and $5.4 billion in North America. With that, he was listed as the seventh highest-grossing actor in North America.

In addition, Harrison is also the recipient and nominee of multiple accolades such as the AFI Life Achievement Award and Cecil B. DeMille Award. Similarly, he was also nominated for four Golden Globe Awards and an Academy Award. Some of his movies are Blade Runner (1982), Blade Runner 2049 (2017), Witness (1985), The Age of Adaline (2015), and more.

Likewise, his mom Melissa Mathison was an American film and television screenwriter and an activist for the Tibetan independence movement. Despite writing for multiple movies, she was more notable for her prominent work in The Black Stallion (1979) and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982). Unfortunately, Mathison suffered from neuroendocrine cancer and passed away on November 4, 2015. She expired in Los Angeles at the age of 65.

Malcolm Had a Hard Time Dealing With His Parent’s Divorce

Malcolm’s mom and dad walked down the aisle in March 1983. However, this nuptial didn’t work out and the duo parted ways after 17 years, in 2000, and divorced in 2004. Though the exact reason for their separation has not been revealed, many tabloids have assumed it to be because of the extramarital affairs of the actor with Lara Flynn Boyle.

Malcolm Ford's mom and dad
Malcolm Ford’s mom Melissa Mathison and dad Harrison Ford
Source: Daily Mail

When his parents divorced, Malcolm was in his teenage and couldn’t cope with the situation which had a very bad impact. Following this, he started doing drugs and later was admitted to rehab as the condition got worse. With time, he overcame the addiction, and while recovering, his inclination toward music increased. As a result, he ended up having a historic career which was a good thing for him.

Nevertheless, as we say life is a mixture of both good and bad. The musician was just over bad, focusing on the good sides when his mom left the world in 2015. The heartbreaking incident shattered Malcolm completely, however, he managed to handle himself and is hopefully doing good in his profession.

Harrison Ford Had Decade Long Marriages With All His Wives

Before marrying Malcolm’s mother Melissa Mathison, his father married his first wife Mary Marquardt in 1964. Even though the couple was together for more than 15 years, they eventually ended their courtship in 1979.

In due course, Harrison went on to marry his second wife which too didn’t work well leading to their separation after 17 years. Upon the pair’s divorce, Harrison went on to marry his third wife Calista Flockhart whom he dated even when the divorce wasn’t finalized in 2002.

The duo exchanged vows on June 15, 2010, after he proposed to her on 2009 Valentine’s Day weekend. The lovebirds celebrated their wedding in Santa Fe, New Mexica and it’s already been a decade since their marriage.

Malcolm Ford’s Siblings: He Has a Bunch of Brothers and Sisters

Yes, Ford has a number of siblings, some of whom are biological, while not others. As mentioned above, his father didn’t have a marital relationship with only one woman but three. Therefore, he has a biological, two half-siblings, and an adoptive sibling.

From his father’s wedding with his first wife, the 36 years old got two half brothers. His half-siblings are the chef and restaurateur Benjamin and clothier Willard who were born in 1966 and 1969 respectively.

Malcolm has numerous siblings
Malcolm Ford with his dad Harrison Ford and biological sister Georgia Ford in 2001 returning from their dad’s function
Source: Getty Images

Similarly, his biological sister actress Georgia Ford was born in 1990. She is his younger and only biological sister who came to this world, three years after him. However, the two stayed with their mom after their parent’s divorce.

And lastly, the adoptive sibling’s name is Liam Flockhart and he was born in 2001. He is the son adopted by his dad’s third wife Calista Flockhart before their marriage.

Malcolm Ford’s Relationship Status: Girlfriend Or Wife?

Well, the fact that the legendary actor’s son, Malcolm was dating a girlfriend is not hidden from anyone. Even though Malcolm was already notable as the son of the Star Wars saga star Harrison Ford as well as a musician, he became more popular after his affair with his girlfriend Jessica Stam.

Despite Malcolm keeping his personal life private, the relationship between the two couldn’t be a secret. The lovebirds dated for a short period in 2008 when the celebrity child was in the process of making his career.

Ford’s ex-girlfriend is a Canadian model who was also listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the World’s top-earning supermodels in 2007. However, the relationship couldn’t go on for long existing only a few months. Also, as of reports, he is not married to anybody to date but we still don’t know if he is in a relationship with somebody else.

What Does Malcolm Do For A Living Now?

Malcolm Ford is an American vocalist, musician, and guitarist of the band The Dough Rollers. He began his music career in 2008 alongside his friend Jack Bryne. The two friends met while Malcolm was just growing interested in music.

Ford and Bryne have the same taste in music which is blue music and controlled substances. They constantly bonded and decided to form a band “The Dough Rollers” with only two people in it. In due course, the band welcomed another member and a new singer Julia Tepper who took the band to the next level. Three of them in 2010, released their first debut album with 10 tracks.

The Dough Rollers Band members
Malcolm Ford with other Dough Rollers band members

The new singer couldn’t stay there for long and left in 2011 when the band again released their second album “Someday Bany” with 12 tracks. The same year, the band signed in a drummer and a bassist making the band complete. The band as well as Malcolm’s music career hyped gradually and made his identity as a musician.

What Is the Net Worth of Malcolm Ford as of 2024?

The aspiring musician has done a couple of albums along with his band, however, he is not very active these days. As all the members of the Dough Rollers’ band have taken a break from all their social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it is hard to say what they are up to. Hopefully, Ford with his band is coming up with something incredible.

As of 2024, Malcolm has a growing net worth of $1 million. On the other hand, his dad Harrison Ford is a multimillionaire who has accumulated total assets of $300 million throughout his career. He has earned all his fortune through his acting career.

Despite being a celebrity kid and a son of a millionaire, Malcolm never wished to have a lavish life. He has always lived and loved a decent life away from the limelight.


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