Life Coach Solomon Buchi has taken to his Twitter page to lament the hike in prices of foodstuff and other stuff in Nigeria.


Solomon Buchi disclosed that his friend boarded a flight and realized the amount was increased from 25,000 to N95,000. He has urged his fans and followers not to hesitate to get their PVCs in order to kick the government out.

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Solomon Buchi also complained about the prices of foodstuff and how prices have gone up in a short period. He disclosed that when he went to the market he spent 3 times what he always spends.

“A friend told me that Arik air sold for 95K from Lagos to Abj(economy) and there are strong projections that a 55 mins trip on an economy ticket will go over 100K in the coming months. This same ticket was 25K last year December! – Get your PVCs!”

“Have you gone to the market to hear the prices of food? During my engagement, I spent times 3 that I would have spent months ago. And it’s extremely tough planning a wedding in times like this. I learned some vendors give a caveat on their invoices that the price might change in 2 weeks”.

“Almost every sector is doing so bad on a global level because of inflation and the war. My stocks portfolio is a mess. Crypto is red. What are we in for? Financial/investment experts, what can we do in times like this? – Get your PVCs. Nigeria is finished. Peter Obi, it is.”

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