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Kiddwaya Slams Trolls Criticising His Father For Showing Off On Instagram



Kiddwaya stepped in to defend his father, Terry Waya, after multiple Instagram users took to his Instagram account to call him out for showing off his lavish lifestyle.


Terry Waya shared videos of himself at the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi and wrote in the caption that only 100 people are allowed there.


He also shared videos showing the luxury interior of his hotel in Dubai alongside other videos documenting his stay.


Most of the comments left on the videos were from critics, telling Terry Waya that he’s too old to be showing off. Some called him vain and one particular person called him “new Hushpuppi”.


To the person who called Terry Waya Hushpuppi,  Kiddwaya replied,  “Hushpuppi didn’t discover Banana Island. ”



The reality star also called out another of his father’s critics.


The critic told Terry Waya that he was at the same location the older man is currently showing off and he didn’t feel the need to share it on social media.


Kiddwaya replied: “That’s because no one gave a f**k about what you’re doing lmao.”