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“I’m A Hardworking Woman I Don’t Sleep Around”–Feranmi Spiritual Empire Debunk A Love Affair With Ijebu Amokade  Over His Wife (Video)



Popular Business woman Feranmi has cried out and lay curse on people claiming she is dating Popular actor Ijebu.

She cried out on a live video stating the situation was business only.

She said ‘Some senseless people are spreading rumors that I am sleeping with Ijebu. Don’t you know that he is my ambassador? Don’t tarnish my image. Our relationship is strictly for business. I am a hardworking woman. I don’t sleep around. Don’t use your bad mouth to chase me out of my husband’s house. Ijebu and I went to America for six weeks to advertise my products. Sino was the one booking our hotels. We slept in separate rooms. I am holding The Holy Bible. If we have any other relationship asides business, may all the curses in this Bible be mine. You all are w!cked’

Zpensive wrote; Nobody hear dat one oo,na u dey announce am giv d world

Mummysteddy wrote: Even if you guyz were or are dating, kini big deal? Like humans should learn how not to seek validation from anyone . Whatever narrative they have about you either true or false, just keep mute and move on. This shalaye now would now make people go dig and then stuff you think you are hiding, would come out…..

Be_affordable_fashion wrote: Madam mention name.. all this shalaye is not necessary..mention names of pple you are tlking to with your full chest!

Tinnnnnnnny wrote: I love the way she addressed situations, it’s always the miserables lots that always have a say, make she curse them well well …they want the success so bad that if they see someone  doing better than them they start to envy , gbewonshepe  daadaaa … Ijebu is a principled man that’s for sure ????

See video below