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I Don’t Know What’s Going On- King Promise On Receiving Multiple Nominations At VGMAs But Going Home With Nothing



King Promise has talked about receiving multiple nominations at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards but has walked home with nothing on all those occasions since he burst into the mainstream.

Speaking to Berla Mundi on TV3 recently, the singer he has no idea why this has been the cycle in his musical career, noting that he has a healthy relationship with the board of Charterhouse, organizers of the show so he actually does not know what the problem is.

“Honestly, I have no issue with the VGMA. If I did, like I won’t be on that stage performing. I didn’t know how the night was going to go. Obviously, it just went how it went.

At the end of the day, all, I’m doing is making my music and pushing the agenda. Which is Ghana music to the world. I don’t know what the issue is but my team and I are going to see if there’s actually an issue,” he said during the interview.

The clean shaven artiste known for his smooth voice and multiple hit songs said he has been making giants strides internationally, including winning awards in Nigeria so it is strange he’s not recognized in his home country in terms of awards.

I’m Ghanaian. When I travel, and I’m doing tours or stuff, it’s very big. I win awards like Best African Artiste in Nigeria, I’m nominated for the mobiles and stuff.

And then when you come back home, it’s kind of funny. If you are taking it to the world, you have to own your land as well. So obviously, it does matter to me. But it’s not the main thing I’m working for. But, like you said, it gets to a point where it starts to be an issue.

Ultimately, King Promise said he will assess himself very well and possibly evaluate the award scheme to know where he needs to remedy the situation.

I don’t know if it’s me or it’s the system or whatever. Maybe people think that I’m not close to a lot of people. I’m always in my corner. I don’t know if that’s the issue. Still looking for what the issue is because even me, myself, I don’t know.