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How Live Remote Video Monitoring Can Deter Crimes



Live Remote Video Monitoring is a potent tool in deterring crimes, combining advanced technology with human oversight to create a secure environment. This system involves the use of cameras strategically placed around a property, transmitting real-time footage to a remote monitoring center. 


Trained professionals continuously observe these feeds, ready to respond to any suspicious activities. The presence of cameras acts as a visible deterrent to potential offenders, while the real-time monitoring ensures quick action can be taken to prevent criminal activities, making it an invaluable asset in modern security strategies.


Theft & Other Crime Rate of Business In USA


The theft and crime rate for businesses in the United States can be understood through a combination of general crime statistics and specific trends related to business-related crimes.


The FBI’s 2022 crime data provides a general overview of crime trends in the nation. For 2022, the data shows that violent crime decreased by an estimated 1.7% compared to 2021. 


Specifically, murder and non-negligent manslaughter saw a decrease of 6.1%, and the number of offenses in the revised rape category decreased by 5.4%. However, robbery showed an estimated increase of 1.3% nationally​​​​.

What is Live Remote Video Monitoring Services


Live Remote Video Monitoring services involve real-time surveillance of a property or location through cameras, which are monitored remotely by security professionals. 


This service enables continuous oversight and quick response to security threats, as the monitoring team can observe live video feeds and act immediately upon detecting any unusual or suspicious activity. 


It’s an effective security solution, combining technology and human expertise, to ensure safety and prevent incidents such as theft or vandalism.


How Live Remote Video Monitoring Helps To Prevent Theft In Businesses


360-Degree Property Surveillance: 


Live video systems provide comprehensive coverage of a property, eliminating blind spots where criminals might operate. 


This continuous surveillance helps identify intruders, deter criminal activity, and capture footage of incidents, enhancing overall security and safety​​.


Remote Monitoring: 


With remote monitoring, it’s possible to oversee property from anywhere, providing flexibility and constant oversight. 


This feature is especially useful for business owners and security professionals, allowing them to observe potentially suspicious activity and use the data for operational improvements, like tracking customer traffic patterns and ensuring employee compliance with safety regulations​​.


Crime Deterrence: 


Live monitoring systems often include audio and visual deterrents that can be activated when a threat is detected. 


These can include recorded verbal warnings, alarms, flashing lights, and other measures designed to startle and scare off potential criminals. Such proactive deterrence is highly effective in preventing crimes before they occur​​.


Physical Safety: 


The impartial nature of video surveillance ensures that incidents are recorded objectively, providing clear evidence of what transpired. 


This feature is crucial for accurately assessing and responding to security incidents​​.


Virtual Guards: 


Some live video surveillance systems are monitored by virtual guards – trained professionals who watch the footage 24/7 and can respond to incidents as they are detected. 


This adds a human element to the surveillance, ensuring that any unusual activity is promptly addressed​​.


Best Actions To Take After Theft


Report the Incident to Law Enforcement: 


Immediately contact the police to report the theft. Provide them with as much detail as possible, including any video footage or evidence you may have. This is the first step in the legal process to recover your property and possibly apprehend the perpetrator.


Review and Secure Your Premises: 


Examine the site of the theft for any security breaches or vulnerabilities. Use this opportunity to strengthen your security measures, whether that means installing additional surveillance cameras, improving locks, or enhancing lighting around the property.


Use an Article Rewriter Tool to Document the Incident:


Document everything about the theft, including the time, date, items stolen, and any potential witnesses. Utilize an article rewriter tool like to help articulate and organize your account of the incident clearly and coherently. 


This documentation can be crucial for insurance claims, police reports, and internal reviews to prevent future incidents.



Live Remote Video Monitoring stands as a proactive and efficient security solution. Its blend of technology and expert monitoring significantly reduces the likelihood of criminal activities. 


By providing constant surveillance and rapid response capabilities, it not only deters potential crimes but also instills a sense of safety and reassurance for property owners and communities, marking it as an essential component in contemporary security measures.