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“He really helped me get myself”- Actor Hanks Anuku shares rare family photo, praises his son



Hanks Anuku, a Nollywood actor, has posted a rare snapshot of his son and wife.

The iconic actor expressed gratitude to his son, who he claimed has been assisting him in regaining his health, on his Instagram page. He also thanked his daughter, who has been of great assistance to him. He urged his admirers to follow and like his son’s Instagram posts.

“Y’all should please give my son a follow and a like. He really helped me get myself together, I thank God for him and my daughter”.

Taking to his comment section, many noted how the photo of a throwback photo and the actor is trying to hide his illness.

One Isaiah Handy wrote, “Whoever handles his socials isn’t doing him right, he is really Okay? I believe there are genuine people who would want to know and offer help. If nice posts keep being made after every unpleasant footage of him surfaces. I guess it’s suggestive he’s fine and needs help

One Hrh King Diamond wrote, “This is to emotionally blackmail Nigerians into sending money. The wife or mother of his kids should do a video interview and we can send money for the family’s upkeep through the woman.

One Patty Gwu wrote, “This is an old photo. Hanks has gone deep in drugs and alcohol and has left rehab many times. Giving him money is not the problem, but wetin you think say e go use money do?

One Shoonn wrote, “If he has a wife and kids who haven’t come to cry to you guys, it is essential to kind your business

One Just Wizzy wrote, “Please try and come IG live so we know is real you

One Aridunnu wrote, “This man and covering up Sha. The pix must be an old one. He should seek help but pride wouldn’t let him

One Mbah Martha wrote, “He is always sharing this particular picture, this picture is old