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Georgina Onuoha Slams Reports Naming Her As One Of The Actresses Who Allegedly Slept With Apostle Johnson Suleman



Goergina Onuoha has slammed reports that she had an affair with Apostle Johnson Suleman and she is one of the Nollywood actresses who benefited financially from the pastor.


Unfounded rumours were circulated, naming some Nollywood actresses who have allegedly been side chics to the married pastor.


Most of those named have refused to dignify the report with a response.


However, Georgina took to Instagram to slam the report as well as the “faceless cowards hiding behind keyboards” to spread false news.


She challenged the “faceless” account to reveal the identity of the person behind the account while making such claims about her.


She pointed out that this isn’t the first time she’s been accused of being funded by a man. She recalled the accusation that she was a beneficiary of a Nigerian governor some years ago.


This allegation made people call her out and demand she returns the money the governor allegedly spent on her, she said.


She added that they are back making ‘baseless accusations’ and this time it involves a pastor.


She went on to curse those claiming she’s funded by men – first a governor and now a pastor.



She also addressed a 2017 report being circulated where she joined others in Nollywood to defend Apostle Suleman when he was accused of a sex scandal.


At the time, she said in defence of Suleman: “Where are all the Nollywood beneficiaries of this preacher? We all see your pictures with him. You all are now radio silence? May God have mercy on us all and may God heal all involved in this.


“Majority of our colleagues Male and Female are benefactors of this man’s goodness and kindness. Go through his events and videos you will see almost all of Nollywood around him. He is known for blessing actors with cars and starting business for them.


“He is a friend to majority of us including me. Majority of Nollywood players travel to his events home and abroad, people stalk him in towns and hotels wherever he lodges to preach or pray asking for prayers and help. He has supported majority of us. Seeing all these makes my heart bleed.”


Georgina explained why she defended him at the time.


She said she, and others in the movie industry, defended him because they are recipients of his kindness and generosity and not because she knows “the dealings of his private life”.


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