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FACTCHECK: Does Alomo Bitters remove pregnancy?



FACTCHECK: Does Alomo Bitters remove pregnancy?

Good morning and how are you doing today?

I got this message from my inbox and I was permitted to share it with the general public to help dispel myths and educate others.


Dear Doctor,

Goodevening Sir and thank you for your great works on this educative health site that all Nigerians including Africans can relate with. I am Sikirat from Osun. I am 25 years old and happily married. Doc, I am 4 months pregnant. Being a yoruba woman, you know we like bitters alot…be it Alomo bitters, Yoyo bitters, Action bitters and more. Recently I had a tummy pain and i decided to drink Alomo bitters to relieve the pains. Sorry doctor, this is my routine medications whenever I have pains and even when I became pregnant I continued taking it. Now my friend who is a nurse yesterday told me that she read somewhere that Alomo bitters have the ability to cause uterine contraction and miscarriage in pregnancy… In fact, she said some Nigerian ladies actually use Alomo bitters to terminate unwanted pregnancy…she warned me to stop taking Alomo bitters and other bitters to save my baby….Please doctor, is it true that Alomo bitters or yoyo bitters can terminate or remove pregnancy? Can Alomo bitters cause miscarriage?

Thank you for your anticipated reply and answers to my questions.

Sikirat from Osun State.


My Reply:

Dear Sikirat,

Thank you for reaching out and seeking knowledge on health matters. Before I continue, let me ask you this very pertinent question. For a pregnant woman, have you stopped taking the Alomo bitters immediately? If not please do now! What your nurse friend told you about drinking Alomo bitters in pregnancy is 100 percent true. Alomo bitters can actually cause miscarriage in pregnancy… This is because most bitters cause uterine contraction which can lead to pregnancy loss or premature birth.

Does Alomo Bitters remove pregnancy?

Moreso, Alomo bitters can make you to have a baby with low birth weight, jaundice, brain damage, liver damage, spinal bifida kidney damage, lung damage and congenital abnormalities. Alomo bitters, action bitters or yoyo bitter are a combination of herbs and alcohol. They therefore, has the potential of being a teratogen… Any agent that can disturb the development of an embryo or fetus in the womb is called a teratogen. Teratogens may cause a birth defect in the child. Or a teratogen may halt the pregnancy outrightly. The classes of teratogens include radiation, maternal infections, chemicals, drugs and herbal mixtures. So taking Alomo bitters while pregnant can be harmful to your unborn baby.

Moreover, as a pregnant woman, Alomo bitters can also be injurious to your health and well being. It can make your liver or kidney fail. Bitters can also cause you stomach ulcer..

So Sikirat, have I been able to pass a message. Have I been able to enlighten you on the dangers of bitters? You nurse friend was right… Stop taking Alomo now.

Lest I forget Ms Sikirat! Are you going for your routine antenatal visits? Take care and safe birth.