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Every Nigerian Must Endorse Bola Tinubu Now As Constitutionally Approved President – Agbakoba



Until the results of the presidential election tribunal are known, Mr. Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, a well-known Nigerian attorney and the former president of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, has asked every Nigerian to support Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the country’s freshly elected president.

Further, Mr. Agbakoba emphasized that in order for Tinubu to succeed in the goals he set for himself and for the nation, all Nigerians must unite behind and support him.

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He revealed this during an interview he gave today on The Morning Show, a political program on Arise Television.

In the interim, pending the outcome of the presidential tribunal, “every Nigerian must support him (Tinubu) now as the constitutionally approved (president).” To support him while he completes the mission assigned to him, we must band together.

He added that he is delighted that President Tinubu declared he would take up the position independently and that he would be accountable for any outcomes.

Additionally, he asked Bola Tinubu to do everything in his ability to bring the nation together, highlighting the fact that nothing positive will ever occur in Nigeria if Tinubu doesn’t try to achieve so.


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