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Download Monsuru Akeeke Yoruba Movie mp4 download. Watch & download Monsuru Akeeke – Yoruba Movie Premium Odunlade Adekola | Afonja Olaniyi | Kunle Afod in mp4 and other high and low quality video formats.

Monsuru Akeeke movie synopsis

This movie, Monsuru Akeeke movie is a very interesting latest Yoruba movie you must watch. The movie runs for just 01:23:05 minutes.

Monsuru Akeeke Movie is about:

Monsuru is like Robin Hood in his community. He would take from the rich to feed the poor. Monsuru is not a thief, he just hates injustice and corruption and vows to use his supernatural powers to correct the wrongs in the society by stinging corrupt leaders like a scorpion.

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Quick Movie Details

Movie Title: Monsuru Akeeke

Movie Language: Yoruba

Movie Genre: Drama

Movie Runtime: 01:23:05 Minutes

Movie Rating: 4.82 / 5.0

Movie Likes: 938

Uploaded date: -12-11 16:00:02

Watch Monsuru Akeeke movie online

In the event that you wish to watch this movie online or preview its brilliance and creativity, you can do so below.

Please watch video below…

Monsuru Akeeke – Yoruba Movie mp4 download

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