Founder and presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo has forbidden his supporters from naming the church after him.


He said that the church, not him, belongs to Jesus. Breakaway churches don’t prosper, the prominent cleric remarked on Sunday while preaching.

He is not a church giver, according to Oyedepo, who warned against immortalizing him in the church.

He said: “Don’t try it, it’s not God’s will it’s not God’s plan.

“People die before they share their will in any term but this man never dies. So who will now give you the will to read? Lawyers, do you read the will when the man is still alive.

“You can’t divide anybody goods till after his death and Jesus the owner of the church ever liveth. So where will you divide his lit, that time won’t come”.

A retiring pastor once asked Oyedepo to present him a church branch, according to Oyedepo.

He stated that he would deny the request. He claims that if he complied with the pastor’s request, he would have forfeited the Winners Chapel ministry for good because the church does not belong to him.

“One of our pastors resigned in those days and I said if there’s anything in getting started in your ministry, he said I want you to give me the church that I’m pastor. I said it’s not my own.

“You have no power to give what is not yours. I can’t give you the church it’s not my own.

“I told him to ask for any other thing, I’m not a church giver. I would have lost this ministry forever,”