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Despite her claim of being a virgin, she has a child with another man.



Lady Cairo who claimed to be a virgin to deceive her rich lover who proposed to her was finally uncovered. She started dating the guy for over three years, but disallowed him to go to bed with her.

The tall beautiful Cairo said sex can only take place after marriage because she has no experience about it and have vowed not to disappoint her parents. The guy was disturbed but decided to endure it because he loves her.

He proposed marriage to her and invited a lot of his friends to grace the wedding ceremony because he told them that his wife to be is a virgin and many of them were excited to come.

As custom demand in their tribe any one that want to marry a virgin will pay homage to their deity and will be scrutinized by a spiritualist to confirm the claim on behalf of the virgin.

This is because certain rite have to be performed before the wedding can take place. So he was asked to see Chief Dr Ohanu phone +23480, 88077, 395 who will further examine him.

The following day he went to Chief Dr Ohanu spiritual home and was examined spiritually. Dr Ohanu told him the lady was lying to him. However, he didn’t see any thing against her apart from the said lie.

He urged him to asked her to tell the truth so that their marriage will be hitch free and bear fruit of the womb, but rather he hide from her because her love was controlling him.

The wedding took place in the next three days and was attended by dignitaries from all walks of life. The implications of telling lie about ones virginity is that the woman will not conceive until the truth is told.

After three years of marriage, Lady Cairo still remain without pregnant and she decided to confess the truth to her husband.

Immediately after the confession he went to the chief priest of the deity and explain to him. The priest asked the husband to pay for the necessary sacrifice and it was openly made.

Thereafter, Dr Ohanu performed the cleansing and purification of both the husband and wife before she took in after a month.


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