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“Closet abi boutique, poor man go say everything is vanity” — Netizens question after seeing Chris Brown’s closet



Many Nigerians were perplexed after seeing a video of American artist Chris Brown’s wardrobe trends.

One of his followers disclosed the massive warehouse that houses the musician’s wardrobe in a Tiktok video.

His closet collection spans two rooms and includes a wide range of garments, shoes and jackets.

Many Nigerians were astounded by the state of Chris Brown’s closet and turned to the comments section to express their feelings.

Here are some reactions:

@DripXHalcy said: “Bigger than every Boutique in Nigeria ???? God give me money oh”

@tbshwal asked: “This one is living inside boutique or boutique is living with him?”

@izunikky reacted: “poor man go say everything is vanity”

@Ahlexmoralex said: “Bro owns a boutique with scope.. I’m sure he has not worn some shoes and clothes in years. So why then have them ?”

@Blueforever5990 wrote: “Omo four boutique no reach this”

@Eph_OO said: “See as closet big pass my landlord compound. Oga landlord come outside.”

@stephen_enenche advised: “Truth be say if u no be musician or entertainer u no need this kind cloth at all”

Watch video here: