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Claire McKenna found dead in NYC, Family offers $35K for info about Irish woman



The family of a young Irish woman living in Queens who was found dead last month are offering a $35,000 reward for information about her death. At the intersection of 94th Avenue and 214th Street in Queens Village on 12th October, 26-year-old Claire McKenna was found “unresponsive and unconscious.” Police said she was found by a passerby who called 911.

According to police, she had a history of drug use and had track marks on her left arm, though the cause of death is yet to be determined by the city’s Medical Examiner’s Office. It was reported by the Irish Mirror that Claire McKenna sent a text message to her parents in Ireland before she was found dead asking for help, and cops found a video of a man pushing her body. An announcement of the reward states that the family is offering $35,000 for information leading to her arrest and conviction.

Family Of Irish Woman Claire McKenna Offers $35k For Information Regarding Her After She Was Found Dead In NYC

The body of Claire McKenna, an Irish woman 26 years old, was found on 12th October 2022, in New York City. She was attending a get-together in NYC, according to her father. 94th Avenue and 214th Street in Queens were where Claire was found lying face down in a bush. According to NBC New York, McKenna’s body was discovered by a passerby, who called the police. A disturbing text was received by the family at 3.11 a.m. on 11th October 2022. Claire’s father, Derek McKenna, said he had received a text that said, “Help.” Derek said he had made repeated attempts to contact Claire McKenna, but she did not respond. A suspicious man was spotted in surveillance footage around 24 hours after the distressing message. In the early hours of 4.34 a.m., the man was seen carrying a body on a dolly while wearing a mask and black clothes.

The body of Claire McKenna was found quite near his location. However, neither the message nor the video has been confirmed by the NYPD. Claire McKenna died for no specific reason according to the preliminary toxicology report. In addition, the city medical examiner’s office has not yet determined the actual cause of her death. Anyone who can provide information on Claire’s death will receive a reward of $35,000 from her family in an effort to unravel the circumstances surrounding her death. Apparently, Claire McKenna’s arms have track marks, according to the Daily Mail. Additionally, it claimed that she had a history of drug abuse.

However, her family denies the drug-related allegations. Claire had track marks when they found her, and she was partially clothed. Apparently, they were not informed of these facts. Derek McKenna, Claire’s father said she had a medical marijuana card. Claire McKenna was never into heavy drugs. That is why the McKenna family is concerned that her image is being misrepresented, and that her case may be dismissed as a drug overdose. Derek, Claire’s father, was born in Kilkerley, outside Dundalk, Co Louth. In the 1980s, the family moved to New York but decided to remain closely connected to their Irish roots. Upon hearing the tragic news of Claire’s death, Nigel McKenna, Claire’s uncle and godfather, said the family is extremely devastated.

Nigel McKenna told The Argus that Claire McKenna spoke to his brother on Monday morning, 10th October, and everything was fine. Nigel further added that Claire McKenna loved dogs and picks up food for the homeless. The whole family is devastated. It is unbearable to see my sister-in-law and brother in such pain and sorrow.


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