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Child bricklayer who was seen crying at work receives N300k cash



A Nigerian man identified as Lukman Samsudeen has revealed how well-meaning individuals donated the sum of N300,000 to a boy who works as a bricklayer.

The content creator had shared a video of a young boy who has to do hard labour to survive and support his mum in the village.

The kid known as Kamorudeen was captured crying at work and it broke Lukman’s heart so he engaged him in a conversation to know the reason.

He disclosed that his father is late and his mother also works as a farmer and bricklayer in another town.

Kamorudeen does the work to get some money which he then sends back to his mother in their hometown.

He further explained that due to the hardship and struggles, they only get to see each other once a year.

Lukman posted the video and wrote; “This boy here is name is Kamorudeen I make this video and took some pictures of him while crying on work. he said his dad is late and willing to go school, he said his doing this work to support his mum in home town and he only visit his mom once in a year which is December.

His mom too is working on farm and also do labour with bricklayer plz anyone who’s willing to help should contact me. His doing all the work stuff because of his mom but Allhamdullilah people are willing to help him while his trying to help his mom with his age ”

After the boy’s story went viral, Nigerians who were moved to compassion, indicated interest in supporting him, so they reached out to the TikTok user.

Donations were made towards the boy’s welfare and when they totaled the money, it was N650,000, both in his bank account and in cash.

Lukman shared another video of the moment he presented the boy the cash and assured him that he will get more.

‘300k for a start thanks to everyone sending him funds, more still coming for you boyyy. Joy is truly coming,” Lukman wrote.

Watch video below: