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BBNaija Day 50: Angel’s conspiracies with the boys, Cross reminisces about KimOprah, Somgel in strategy session



Catch up on all the latest BBNaija ‘All Stars’ exciting highlights from: Angel’s conspiracies with the boys, Cross reminisces about KimOprah, Somgel in strategy session and lots more!

Angel’s conspiracies with the boys

Angel shared some bathroom gist with Cross and Pere about nomination conspiracies but refused to share who said what.

“Nigerians disappointed me,” Doyin

Evicted housemate Doyin had a sit down with Ebuka to talk about her exit and talk about how she is “reality TV gold.”

Cross reminisces about KimOprah

Cross speaks about missing KimOprah while Adenita chat about the possibility of both of them being up for eviction.

Somgel in strategy session

Angel and Soma chat about nominations and whose name they might call in the diary room when the time comes.

A wager disaster might ruin sports week

The All Stars might be sabotaging their wager challenge before it even begins.

It’s going to be a week of sporting activities in Biggie’s house, as it was announced today that the theme of the week was sports. In line with the theme, the All Stars have been tasked with creating a “Local Olympics” series of sporting activities inspired by games from their childhood for the wager challenge.

Excited by the news, the housemates brainstormed about what activities they would come up with and, in the process, reminisced about games they played when they were growing up. Some housemates suggested classic games like the sack race, egg race, police and thief. As they continued to share their childhood game experiences, the atmosphere in Biggie’s house became filled with nostalgia and anticipation for the week of sporting activities.

Viewers were, however, quick to notice that the housemates were bringing up childhood games as opposed to sports. This sparked a debate among the viewers, questioning whether the housemates truly understood the concept of sports or if they were simply focusing too much on their past.

Below are some of the reactions to the suggested choices.

Will this be the beginning of what could be a wager challenge disaster? It’s important to note that success at the wager challenge requires an adequate understanding of the wager brief and a clear ability to strategise and perform tasks related to it. If the housemates are unable to grasp the concept of sports, it could potentially lead to a poor overall performance and ultimately, a loss in the wager challenge. We anxiously await to see how this lack of understanding will impact the chances of success for the All Stars.