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APC, Tinubu, Shetima Legal Team To Expel Members Who Speak To The Media



Lawyers representing the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Kashim Shetima at the Presidential Election Petition Court have been barred from granting any media interviews.

AIT LIVE report that, Counsel for the APC Adeniyi Akintola while addressing the court on Tuesday said any member of the team who violates the directive risks expulsion

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The APC, Tinubu and Shetima parade an array of 38 Senior Advocates of Nigeria, with a retinue of junior lawyers with them.

According AIT LIVE, The lawyer for the APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and Kashim Shetima at the Presidential Election Petition Court are not permitted to give any interviews to the media.

AIT LIVE report that, Since the proceedings began, they have all repeatedly denied requests for media interviews. Adeniyi, who represented the APC in court on Tuesday, claimed that in contrast to the petitioners, who address the media following each day’s proceedings, the respondents have decided as a group to reject it.

The Justices reacted by saying they were seeing more of the solicitors involved in the case on TV than the reporters covering the case as well as the general public, and they advised the solicitors to bring fewer solicitors to court.

Allow TV reporters to perform their jobs, one of the judges stated.

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