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Abeiku Santana Angrily Reacts To The Viral Video Of An Anglican Priest K!ssing Female Students [Video]



Ace Ghanaian broadcaster, Gilbert Abeiku Santana has slammed the Anglican Priest who was spotted in a viral video kissing female students.

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The Anglican priest became very popular for the last few hours was shown handling gifts to the students with whom he shared the kiss in the video, which drew a variety of reactions from social media users.

According to a press release from the Anglican church, they have launched a comprehensive investigation into the problem and hope to put it to rest soon.

In the statement, the church stated that the mentioned Priest’s actions would be dealt with in accordance with their standards and principles, since morality is highly valued in the church.

In reaction to that, Abeiku Santana has slammed the priest for disgracing the Anglican church with his misconduct. According to him, he is also a man of God but due to such temptations, he has decided to hide his face away from the public as a man of God.

He went ahead to also outline the importance of the Anglican Church in the world, serving as the official Church of England which happens to be one of the most powerful nations on earth.

Meanwhile, the said priest has reportedly been sacked from the institution by the authorities of teh Anglican Church according to 3News.

Watch the video below: