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18-Year-Old Defends Her Decision to Marry 72-Year-Old Man to Parents.”



An 18 year old girl embarrassed her parents during a proposed marital dispute between the girl and her parents.

The little girl introduced an old man who is
above the age of her father in a dramatic form. The little girl proposal to the old man spark off a Sharp misunderstanding among her parents and other members of the family.

The young lady called Ada from Imo state said she has no apology to anyone over her decision to marry the old man

Many observers viewed her decision as an insult to the sensibilities of the family regarding her age compare to the 72 year old man. While some other members of the family expressed their displeasure ,noting that the girl may have been under a spell.

When the argument and counter argument was going on they finally arrived at a decision to see a popular spiritualist called Chief Dr Ohanu spiritual home, phone or WhatsApp +2348, 0880, 77395. Without prior information by any one. The spiritualist told the parents point blank that the girl is under the influence of a love spell.

He urged the parents not to be despaired that he will neutralize the spell. Few days later the girl was deceived to the home of the spiritualist and the love spell was completely neutralized .

The girl who introduced the old man as her proposal to the parents denied knowing the old man not to talk of getting married to him. This was how she escaped been trapped.

The spiritualist advised her to desist from the love of money from men ,if she want to be peaceful and live according to the plan of God in her life.


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