Yvonne Jegede reveals need for partner who can afford to give her N20M

Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede reveals her requirement for a future partner with a kind heart who can give her N20M without thinking twice.

This came amidst the revelation about her past marriage with Olakunle ‘Abounce’ Fawole where she stated that one of the issues she faced was her partner’s joblessness.

In an interview on The Honest Bunch podcast, Yvonne Jegede highlighted the qualities she desires in her future partner.

According to the actress, she wants a man with a good heart and empathy while emphasizing his generosity.

Yvonne said she wants a man who can give her ₦20 million when she asks for a cash gift as small as ₦1 million.

“Person wey get good mind na im I dey find. If you get good mind, you get empathy, I fit say ‘Baby, give me N1million, you go give me N20million,” she said partly.

Reactions trailing Yvonne Jegede ‘s need for a generous partner

I Am Dbull quizzed: “How is she different from Saida Boj?”

Deetee Winery23 noted: “At least she is honest.”

Lapurch_25 wrote: “In all you do make sure you have an intentional man.”

Bebeto Cityrock stated: “Id you are seeking for financial help in a relationship, you don’t really need a relationship, you need a job. A man should never play the role of a husband when he’s not yet married to the woman.”

Adumsunity penned: “Lol you go look for tire o. This Tinubu regime!”


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