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Woman appreciates ex-husband for bringing her abroad to meet her soulmate



An African woman pens an appreciation note to her ex-husband for taking her abroad and how his decision led to meeting her soulmate following their divorce.

In a series of snapshots making the rounds on social media, a woman who divorced her ex-husband gave him an unexpected credit.

Lady with her ex-husband

According to the African woman, the gesture of her ex-husband bringing her abroad birthed the link to how she met her caucasian lover whom they are now married.

Rolling out photos of herself with her new man and her child from the previous marriage, she appreciated her ex-husband for helping her make her dreams come true.

Woman appreciates ex-husband for bringing her abroad to meet her soulmate

The caption reads, “To my ex husband who brought me aborad so I could find my soulmate. I found a God fearing man who truly loves and respects me. Thank you for giving me the courage to leave and still being the best dad to our girl.”

The post has since generated a buzz on social media from users who condemned the caption as completely unwarranted.

Reactions trailing woman who praised ex-husband for taking her abroad to find her soulmate

Alpha_Femalee stated: “This is just so wrong on all levels.”

oye_bobs wrote: “This might sound insensitive but I would say it regardless. The fact that a woman is married to a man doesn’t mean he is her soul mate, and also doesn’t mean that when her soul mate shows up, she shouldn’t go with him.”

AbiolaBlackdiva reacted: “Moral: your husband should not stop you from finding your soul mate. God abeg o. Ha ????.”

dogfather07 penned: “Lmao. Women will be women and then again. Women will be women. ????????”

Olabodeee05 said: “You dey carry woman wey no be ur mother or sister go abroad, you go regret am.”

Aunty_Akanke said: “What if her ex husband was abusive ☹️. I am happy she had the courage to move on. If otherwise had happened, this same society will be the ones blaming her. Just do you abeg.”